Vision Marketing Services has been providing business solutions since 2007. The owners Yancey Thomas Jr. and Yvonne Thomas have been involved with various aspects of computer software and technology for over 30 years. We design and build websites and blogs for all types of businesses and organizations. We are constantly researching the latest applications and technologies to provide the most relevant resources for small business. This includes local internet search, social networking, video creation and marketing, SEO, Offline lead generation and more.

Vision Marketing Services Yancey Thomas Jr

Our small business Web designs are creative and responsive to vision and goals of our small business clients. As the internet and offline business environments change we change with it. Our ongoing experience building an On and Offline business presence means we walk you through the entire process. We have a wide array of business and web design resources to assist in the success your company.

With so many choices it can be frustrating knowing who to trust with guiding your internet business building efforts as well as developing your offline marketing strategies. When trying to implement your business on the internet it’s easy to get confused. That’s why every serious business owner must have the correct resources, experience, training and knowledge working for them.

You the business owner can’t afford to waste your two most precious commodities….TIME and MONEY! I earn the most satisfaction guiding small business owners to the most effective strategies, and educating them regarding their use in a timely fashion.

When Vision Marketing Services works with small business owners in the greater Chattanooga Tennessee area it’s critical to have a “face-to-face” meeting. Particularly when dealing with a new business owner with little or no On and Offline marketing experience. Why? Because with our exclusive and NO COST Internet Business Building Primer we educate the potential client on internet marketing basics. Which simply means understanding how the web works for business success. Personal onsite consultations with small business owners are always encouraged.

So, how can Vision Marketing Services help your small business grow?